Geoff Burch


Internationally Renowned Keynote Speaker & Master Storyteller


"Outrageous, outspoken and utterly brilliant"

"...loved the way you linked humorous stories to serious business points. It certainly worked in driving your messages home. Fabulous feedback from our client and delegates."
"...thank you once again for joining our TLM and giving such a wonderful speech."
"...sincere thanks for putting your heart into communicating with our audience, your message was exactly right for the gathered crowd and your energy, business knowledge and masterful communications skill, wrapped up in a superbly entertaining package, was simply unforgettable."
"...people really enjoyed your talk and especially loved the fact that it was 'different' and that you approached things from a different angle. Absolutely brilliant, Geoff - you summed up 'Dare to be Different' in a way that was relevant and it was fantastic, thank you."
"thank you for an excellent day. All the feedback from the delegates has been really encouraging and very positive."
"...Thank you for your thoroughly entertaining presentation …what you may not realize is how much of what you preached not only sunk in but also provided for some lively debate. For the many that had seen your witty TV series, you certainly did not disappoint, while for those who had never heard of you, you have established a new army of fans"
"...I’m truly pleased that your performance at the conference caused wide discussions upon highly topical subjects in the society in Latvia. During this period of post-crisis time you’ve inspired people to look to forward winning strategies and understand the right way of thinking."
"...I’ve had feedback from many people saying how your presentation was very thought provoking and entertaining at the same time. I thought it was pitched perfectly."
"...sincere thanks once again. Your session was both entertaining and thought provoking and the positive feedback that we are receiving from conference delegates is exceeding our expectations..."
"...Geoff was the highlight of the day – by far. Thanks so much to Geoff for his contribution and for the books…he is so clever and hilarious. The girls loved him, he couldn’t have chosen better references for our company situation and he ‘got’ our culture so quickly..."
"...your address received a great deal of positive feedback and praise. The session fitted so well with what the conference was all about and helped round-up the final day so that the conference finished on an uplifting and humorous note...."
"...Geoff Burch was most entertaining…great final presentation from Geoff…Geoff Burch exceptional…Geoff Burch was excellent, entertaining and informative…Geoff Burch brilliant…excellent speaker, gave good points to think about in fun way (has got me thinking deeper and in a new viewpoint)…Geoff was fantastic, simple and brilliant…Geoff Burch session brilliant…it has to be Geoff Burch – with humour he gave some fabulous pointers to use in both our letting business and getting passive investment..."

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