GeoffBurch03Geoff’s Life Story

Since walking out of a senior management job 30 years ago, Britain’s ‘Alternative Business Guru’ Geoff Burch has never looked back. Now an international business expert, best-selling author and TV presenter, Geoff travels the world working with blue chip companies to help stimulate, motivate and inspire their people and is established as one of the world’s most well known, sought-after and entertaining speakers. He is constantly in demand to give his rip-roaring keynote presentations at conferences and was recently voted ‘Business Communicator of the Year’ by the UK Speechwriters’ Guild.

But his interests are not just confined to big business. After years of doing his own thing and ‘loving every mad, scheming, wheely-popping, money-spinning second of it’, Geoff also has a particular passion for small enterprise. A third generation entrepreneur – his grandmother and mother ran a number of successful enterprises – Geoff loves to inspire small businesses using the skills he’s acquired from working with big business. These experiences were distilled into two of his best-selling books ‘Go It Alone’ and ‘Self-Made Me’ which are aimed at all those planning to succeed in their own businesses. Funny and mischievous, the books, like their author, pull no punches.

Facts about Geoff:

Kicked out of school, Geoff went to work for the local brewery as a trainee brewer. After leaving with a lifelong dislike of beer, there followed a short period driving a bulldozer. Then, whilst his mother believed he was going to Fine Fare every day to be a trainee supermarket manager, he was actually attending Art College. As a consequence, Geoff was the only 60s art student to wear a rather smart mohair suit and a tie. He left with a diploma in Art and Design and worked in Advertising. Both he and the Advertising Agency realised that whilst fairly proficient at art, his real skill lay with winning clients. These skills soon led Geoff into his own enterprises, where he built businesses, some more successful than others, in vehicle sales, trucking, scrap, paper manufacture, electronics, a shop and his own marketing agency (plus many other things).

All the time, even people who didn’t share Geoff’s point of view, realised he could persuade almost anybody to do anything and constantly badgered him to share his skills with them and their employees. Once the badgering was accompanied by fees and other inducements, Geoff found himself on the first steps to ‘gurudom’.

Since then, Geoff has written six best-selling books on all aspects of business. They are available in many different languages (but Geoff is a little confused as to why, in the Russian version of The Way of the Dog, the sheep are wearing suspender belts). Recently Geoff featured in his own TV series, All Over the Shop for BBC, in which he used his talents to rescue ailing businesses and is often used by the BBC as one of their resident business gurus.