Geoff Burch Presentations

Adding the Missing Ingredient

It’s your conference, your event, your recipe, your ingredients and your message that you need to deliver. A good speaker is like a pinch of salt that brings out the flavour and lifts the whole event. If you don’t think that’s important, try eating a potato without any! Let Geoff help you to create a memorable feast.


Nothing happens until somebody sells something, “production minus sales equals scrap”. The sales department used to be at the heart of every successful commercial enterprise and the sales conference the place where new ideas and new energy were injected for a new year of sales success.
Now sales is dead, but Geoff says long live sales!
He will show that persuasion is a key part of everyone’s life and by creating an entrepreneurial culture in an organisation, everyone can, and should, sell.


Finding and keeping customers is the only activity that generates revenue; everything else involves us in cost.
Geoff’s customer-focussed talks are challenging and thought-provoking as he shows how to put the customer right into the heart of the business, inspiring and motivating the whole audience on how everyone is involved in creating a remarkable customer experience.


Geoff shows how we can lead others in a way that is motivating and encouraging. He explores how our team members will relish coming into work each day and yet still enjoy being challenged by ever more demanding goals.


We all fear change and yet it is the one thing we can’t avoid. Well Geoff says you can avoid it, after all “survival isn’t compulsory”!
Geoff explores not only what change means to us but also what it means to others and how it can become a fun, positive experience.