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Be a Squirrel

I am sure that you are mentally fit, eager and raring to go (you better be).  The battle will be fierce and you will fight it every minute of every day, moving products, being aware of trends, spotting people who may be sharper, quicker, and more competitive than you.  This is all about speed.  The fast win, the fast win more, the fastest win it all.  I do it.  I fight fast and hard, but it is like swimming in a fierce current.  It is tiring but your life depends upon it.  I should imagine that those who drown must be almost relieved to be able to stop struggling, but there is an alternative.

The squirrel population of the UK was once red.  Red squirrels are gentle, uncompetitive, relaxed little creatures, so when the ferociously competitive grey squirrels were introduced they drove the red squirrels out.  They competed for food, habitat, and space.  The battle was totally one-sided but not a tragedy.  Rather than fighting to the death or being subjugated by the grey squirrels, the red squirrels just buggered off.  No hassle, no worries or bitterness.  “You want it that much, you have it.”  They can be found on secluded islands and in isolated woods doing their gentle squirrely things.

As the pressure builds and you count the scars you picked up fighting for every nut or acorn, consider the red squirrel alternative.  Of course you will have made your pile, the bank balance will be healthy, but before you consider next year’s expansion plans, go to a Mediterranean harbour and look at the middle-aged couple on the wooden schooner.  They both have skins like crocodile hide handbags and are discussing the winter voyage to Tobago.  Or look at that Harley mounted Hells Angel floating across Arizona with his entire belongings strapped to his rack and a terrier wearing a flying helmet sitting on the petrol tank.  The shock when he takes off his crash helmet to reveal the grey hair.  The pair of Buddhist beach bums on Lantau Island in Hong Kong who strangely arrive at the beach each day in a vintage Rolls Royce.  These are the red squirrels, not drowned but just living elsewhere.  Why be in the rat race if you’re not a rat. womens health heart cholesterol