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Sales Tips

What, no Sizzle? Selling, is it a forgotten art?

Don’t be mislead by survey results. It is very easy to produce and commission a survey that gives you the results that you want, but it is very hard to face the hard truths about your business.


Sorry to Sell. So dumb we have lost the will to sell.

In these difficult times we have to be able to sell, but it is very difficult if we believe that selling, instead of being a great profession, is actually a shameful business.


An unfairly maligned race

Selling isn’t wrong. If you employ salespeople, encourage them – they can make or break your business. If you are in sales, hold your head up high and walk with a spring in your step.


Come on in, the water’s lovely!

Whilst a recession can be a terrible time, it can also be a time of real opportunity for a different life – perhaps a bit less striving and a bit more happiness