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Can a Humorous Business Speaker Deliver a Serious Message

Perhaps the question should be, can a non-entertaining speaker deliver any message at […]

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Watch me on the tv!

Geoff on tv talking about World Cup special promotions

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Keep it Simple

Very simple, easily mastered sales techniques can pay enormous dividends as long as you are prepared to use them in every interaction.

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What do you think?

Tell us what you think so that we can delight you.

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The Abuse of Power, a better way of managing people

If people like you they will work a lot harder for you, something most large employers fail to understand.

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Get Stuck In

It is tough out there and if business isn’t pouring in it can leave us feeling a bit stuck. This bit of thinking can turn that to your advantage.

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Would we get on? The infallible test.

A surefire test to tell whether people are our sort of people or not.

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Just Ask For It

Perhaps the secret of success is having the nerve to literally just ask for the business, but there are some very special ways of doing it.

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Stand Up For Business!

Watch one of Geoff’s naughtiest stories and decide whether he should stick to the day job!

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Empowerment, or how to get your people to do great things for you.

Giving your people power can be one of the most dangerous and yet financially rewarding things you can do. The questions is, dare you do it?

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Living on the Edge – The Story of a Credit Crunch

A fairy tale for our time, only this one hasn’t got a happy ending yet. Can you spot the clever ones from the stupid ones? If you can, have a look in the real world and see if you can do the same.

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