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Just Ask For It

What can make an enterprise successful?  One of the key things, I believe, is having the ability to sell.  I can hear the clamour now as you all call out, “It’s about the product”, “No, it’s customer focus”, “No, it’s about quality”, “It’s the offer”, “It’s the unique skill”, “It’s sharp pricing”.

I’m sure it is all of those things and more but in our town we have a smelly young tramp who offers nothing apart from a bit of a pong.  He sits on a piece of cardboard with his hairy dog and says to everybody, “Spare any change, please”.  The local newspaper analysed his earnings and to my horror discovered he had an income of around £30,000 a year.  No product, no service, and yet financially he is doing better than a lot of small businesses I know.  How?  He literally just asks for it.  Do you go out and simply ask for the business you need?

When I write my books, I am trying to share some ideas that can help everyone become more confident with the skills that could help them succeed.  In The Way of the Dog, I was inspired by watching a sheepdog take sheep from where they were, through a series of obstacles, to where the dog wanted them to be.  The sheep are where they are – the dog never appeals for easier sheep and he never gives up, despite the obstacles, until the sheep are safely in the pen.  This is of course an analogy about how we can find prospective customers – however distant or difficult – and guide them to our ‘pen’.

When my publisher commissioned a new book, I decided to take the journey idea further and attempt to set the persuasion process down as a road map that, if followed, should guarantee success.  The new book is called ‘Irresistible Persuasion’ for a very good reason, because I have revealed the closely guarded secrets that are used by professional persuaders to get them what they want.  If used responsibly, this book could get you what you want.

As you can see, we have redesigned the website and I am very excited about our new bookshop because like all good bookshops you can amble in and flick through a few pages to see what you think.  So, have a look at ‘Resistance is Useless‘, ‘The Way of the Dog’ and the other books and hopefully you will soon be the first ever to have a taste of ‘Irresistible Persuasion’.