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The good news is, I’ve got a bestseller on my hands.  The strange news is that it is not the book I expected.  My new book Irresistible Persuasion is doing very nicely thank you, particularly in the USA (thank you all my nice visitors from the US).  The surprise hit has been my book The Way of the Dog and the reason it is doing so well is that Amazon are now offering it as a Kindle edition, in other words an e-book.  I was very sceptical when somebody suggested that up to 70% of the business books in the US are now e-books but this is proving to be the case.

For those of you reading this who are fans of the e-book can I point out to you that not only can you purchase The Way of the Dog as a Kindle book from Amazon, but you can, for free, download the lite version of Go It Alone off this site.  Of course if it gives you a taste for the book we would love you to buy the full edition, also from this site!

Go It Alone remains the book that always seems to be growing in demand because people – particularly in these tough times – dream of owning and running their own enterprise and it makes me really chirpy when people have read, enjoyed and feel inspired by the book.  But do remember, if you are a Go It Aloner, you can always drop me an email if there are any pointers you feel I may be able to help you with.