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Little Treasure

Despite your skill or diligence or ability to do the job, an enterprise must take into account the surrounding things that do not apparently relate specifically to the core skill.  Rich people are usually rich because they’re often very shrewd and I find they indulge in a secret practice of developing “little treasures.”  Being rich and clever, unlike the majority of the public, they do value core skills and realise that their prey, who are incompetent at professionalism but are brilliant at the core skill, can be had on the cheap and will become “little treasures.”

“I have a man who does my gardening, he’s a bit smelly but he’s a little treasure.  I can’t remember the last time we paid him!”

“She is a bit odd, but she does all my dressmaking by hand, we pay her pennies.  She is a little treasure.”

Do you want to be a “little treasure”?  No?  Then shape up!