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Telephone Selling

Firstly, let me tell you how I do telephone selling!  I know that if I want to grow and promote my business I need to canvass vigorously on the telephone, so I get a list and start phoning, but hang on, it’s only 9.00 a.m. so there’s no point in bothering people as they’re settling into work.  Perhaps a cup of tea and a think before getting stuck in to it.  Actually, time’s getting on and people will be on their morning break – there’s no point in bothering them then, so perhaps a wander up to the cake shop for a doughnut.  Now let’s have a look at the list – the first name on there, Mr Savage, hmm savage by name, savage by nature, perhaps we’ll ease into it by ringing one of our current customers.  “Oh hello Geoff.”  “Hello Frank, just wondered how things were going?”  “Very well, thanks Geoff, nice to hear from you!”  Well that went well, perhaps I’ll give my mum a ring – always nice to hear a friendly voice.  Golly, now look, it’s lunchtime – that was a really tough morning’s telephone selling.

Actually, although it makes me feel very uncomfortable, what you have to do is start at the very beginning of business, ring every name on the list, never put the receiver down and just dip the phone with your finger (we even suggest that you tape the receiver to your hand so you can’t put it down) and do it all standing up.  It keeps you active and drops your diaphragm so that you sound serious.  That is the right way to do it and I find it very very tough, but if you have got the courage it can transform your business.