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Your People’s Army

Airlines are just like the childrens’ character, Noddy, who said, “When we build a house, let’s put the roof on first so that when it rains we won’t get wet!”  The airlines are saying “There are those passengers who pay £200 and those that pay £2000.  We will only carry the £2000 ones.”

This is like sawing the legs off your chairs and expecting the seat to stay in the air.  Where do they think the big customers come from?  They come from the loyal small customers.

The world has truly changed, producing threats and opportunities.  The mega-corporations can no longer expect to have it all their own way.  By having loyal, even, dare I say, fanatical, multi-tasked people working for you and the whole world to source products from, you can take on the biggest and win, but your customers will expect responsiveness and speed.  Hierarchies just cannot work, people will expect a result whenever and wherever they contact your enterprise.  Cheery helpful knowledgeable people who add value at every step – without them nothing works.

I read about each management fad, TQM, CRM, process re-engineering, excellence, change programmes, or even customer care.  The day I read the book I am sold on it and then I watch as it fades and dies.  Surely some of those ideas must have been good ones so there must have been some common fault – perhaps none of them carried their people with them.

Know where you are going and tell everyone else where you are going.  Then you must expect them to help you get there.