Book Store

Geoff currently has six best-selling business books in print. Unlike the usual boring stuff, these entertaining books will change and challenge everything you may know about sales, persuasion, negotiating, management and even starting your own enterprise. Geoff would be delighted to personally sign any book purchased from the store, so read on and enjoy!

The Way Of The Dog

The Art of Making Success Inevitable. The Way of the Dog is a self-help classic. It tells the story of failed salesman, Derek Stubbins, who wanders into a brothers Grimm nightmare and gets turned into a dog.


Go It Alone

The Streetwise Secrets of Self-employment. Whether you've only just gone it alone or even if you've been doing your own thing for a while, Geoff will inspire you to move forward in strength.


Irresistible Persuasion

The Secret Way to Get to Yes Every Time. Getting what you want isn't easy. Why? Because a lot of the time most of us have no clear idea what we're looking for.


Writing On The Wall

The Campaign for Commonsense Business. This is the business book we have been waiting for. Whilst we watch in horror as the consultants, the gurus and the management experts interfere with our jobs and lives with no apparent benefit.


Resistance Is Useless

The Art of Business Persuasion. This book will show you how anyone can be persuaded to do anything! Geoff has written a book that will change almost everything you ever believed about business and selling.


Self-Made Me

A new way of living in a changing world. Welcome aboard the good ship freedom! Maybe you have joined this happy adventure as a willing passenger. Perhaps this cheery vessel has heaved-to, to rescue you from the lifeboat of redundancy while your previous employer sinks without trace.