Self-Made Me

A new way of living in a changing world

Are you paid what you are worth

Welcome aboard the good ship freedom! Maybe you have joined this happy adventure as a willing passenger. Perhaps this cheery vessel has heaved-to, to rescue you from the lifeboat of redundancy while your previous employer sinks without trace. Or maybe you have been rescued, having being marooned on the dreary island of unemployment. For whatever reason you have decided – or been forced – to accompany us, you have just joined the finest and most fulfilling way to cruise through life.

Riding the roller coaster

Modern workers have got used to earning a regular wage that, over the years, creeps steadily upwards until the employer can no longer afford it and they get fired. In the current recession, things have been encouragingly different. People have realized that, instead of taking the random chop of redundancy as ten percent of the workforce is cut , if everyone takes a ten percent cut in wages, they can all stay, in some cases, this strategy has saved the company. However, that still has not achieved the same level as the self-employed mentality.