Resistance Is Useless

The Art of Business Persuasion

This book will show you how anyone can be persuaded to do anything! Geoff has written a book that will change almost everything you ever believed about business and selling. Combining the quick wit of a stand up comedian with the serious thoughtfulness of a psychoanalyst, he explains the value and power of persuasion – a verbal martial art that, if used correctly, will always give you the outcome you desire in your business dealings.

Resistance is Useless will show you how to:

  • Change anyone’s opinion on any subject.
  • Transform a lynch mob into your most devout supporters.
  • Avoid wasting thousands of pounds on customer care while your accounts department is threatening to pulp your customer’s fingers with a hammer.
  • Understand how a perfect product demonstration can get you hurled into the street by security.
  • Sell tanks to Genghis khan.