Get The Right Stink To Increase SALES And Delight Customers

Sales and Marketing

IOD Speaking After Dinner Event

Our marketing, hype, and brand values, are intended to create sales by raising the customers’ expectations. The higher the expectation, the bigger the gap between that and the experience. The solution is to either lower the hype, or consider marketing internally as well as externally, so that the front line staff are able and prepared to deliver within those expectations.

Whilst your team are doing that, they can also develop an entrepreneurial mentality which means that while they have got the customer’s attention, they can generate more in profit than they take home in wages.

There is no point in measuring performance with graphs and statistics and hoping that it will change peoples’ attitudes.

When we do customer satisfaction surveys and secret shopping, it only checks that the staff are doing what we have asked them to do. Properly motivated and empowered staff are capable of delivering far more than we have asked them to do.

The whole point of having presentations is to get people to change for the better, but people fear change so we need show them how to embrace it.

Finally, when we have the results of all our surveys, tests, and KPI’s, we still must be prepared to innovate beyond them. Remember, everyone can choose which ‘stinked’ they can be ‘extinct’ or ‘distinct’!


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