Bringing Home The Bacon

Sales and Marketing

Holding a Pig with books in the background

I spend a huge percentage of my time getting companies to focus on their customers, customer care, customer satisfaction, but where does that make money?  I was walking along a country lane when I met a farmer I knew leaning on a gate.

“’ello Geoff” he calls.

“Hello Farmer Giles” I called back. I noticed that this farmer was accompanied by a huge pig. The farmer lovingly scratched the pig’s head, “’ello Rosie, old girl!” The pig, grunting contentedly, started to vigorously nuzzle the farmer’s pocket. “What are you up to, old girl?  You knows I got an apple in there, don’t you?” to which he produced a large red apple which he gave to the pig who consumed it with juicy enthusiasm. “You loves your apple, don’t you old girl” he said, kissing the pig on the head. Then turning to me, he said, “She’s a lovely pig, Rosie is, she’s going off to be bacon next week aren’t you girl?”

I was stunned.  “You mean you are going to kill her?”

“Well of course, I’m a pig farmer.  I don’t keep pet pigs!”

“So why are you nice to it?”

“I love my pigs. The people up the road battery breed their pigs in crowded dark sheds. The animals are so stressed that they bite off their own tails. You get awful meat from them.”

I suppose it is the same with us – customer care is vital. See what happens to companies who treat customers badly, but on the other hand we don’t want pet customers, we have to make our bacon.


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