How Much Is That Doggy In The Window

Sales and Marketing

wagging tail dog with wof wof caption

The Puppy dog close is an oldie but a goodie. Imagine that I walk up to you and ask you to buy a puppy – that is probably the last thing on this earth that you currently want. But imagine one morning that you open your front door and there is a box and when you open it a little doe-eyed pup washes your face with doggy kisses. Obviously it belongs to somebody and you make an effort to find the owner, but in the meantime you have sort of given this little chap a name, “Bonzo” and after six months you have got kind of attached to each other. Then the phone call comes.  “Hey, you didn’t find a dog, did you?” “Yes I did, we’ve called him Bonzo.”  “Oh, that’s fantastic. Could you return him to me.”  “But we love him.”  You would pay anything to keep him – the sale has been made.

Legend has it that in the early days of colour TV in the USA, the price was so prohibitive and the technology so poorly understood that the sets were almost impossible to sell, so a shrewd operator started giving them away in the interests of “research”.  So a free TV, no strings attached, you just send it back after three months.  Of course ninety percent of people ended up buying the TV.  That is the Puppy dog close.


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