The Financial Crisis Hope At Last

Sales and Marketing

They say that when the s**t hits the fan it doesn’t get evenly distributed.  In other words when this awful perfect storm hit, some got hit harder than others.  I always picture a harbour full of little boats, at short notice a hurricane warning comes.  Everyone (with any sense) does what they can to secure before the storm.  Some do more than others; some refuse to believe the bad news; others are so frightened that they just hide below and await their fate.  When the ferocious hurricane has passed, we must see what is left in the harbour, some boats are smashed to bits, some have had their rigging torn away and others are bobbing at anchor virtually unscathed.  As the wind dies and the sun comes out, hatch-covers open and heads pop out to survey the damage.  This is the feeling I get with business.  We are all shell shocked but there might be a ray or two of sunshine.

As a jobbing business guru, the industry that I am most involved in is the conference and seminar business, traditionally the first to be hit by cutbacks and the last to recover.  The first thing that companies cut is the annual conference or jaunt to sunny climes for their workforce, but there is a tremendous resurgence in activity.  Sure, the brief has changed and the content of my presentations is a lot more hard hitting.  No more soaring with the eagles but tough messages about winning more customers, getting more sales and pulling in more cash.  I even had one retail group title my presentation “Flog more Stuff”, so yes the survivors have got a harder mindset, but they are survivors.  It’s like a forest fire, the deadwood is ash but it leaves room for the new plants to flourish.

If you are reading this you are a survivor and despite the gloom there are some great opportunities out there.  So it is time to climb from the bunker, grab the world by the throat and make success happen.  You are tough enough to get this far so take this opportunity for good things to come.  Get out there – sell, telephone and shout about what you do.  The world is waiting to hear from you.


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