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Silly Bankers

You are starting out on your own for various reasons, but whatever happens an income is needed. We need banks, but watch them like a hawk and be ruthlessly realistic and truthful with yourself.
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Ten Top Tips For Self Employment Success

The Press is howling about the huge increase in self employment. One article suggested that the self employed secretly craved the security of a 'proper job'. Well take it from me, they are so wrong!
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So Dumb, We Have Lost The Will To Sell

Oh boy, have I got it wrong recently. Let me explain.
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The Way Of The Dog

Success tends to bring its own problems, and writing a successful book brings extra huge trouble - the biggest of which is that all the people who managed to get a piece of the action, then want you to repeat it.
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The Abuse Of Power - A Better Way Of Managing People

Someone once described me as the world's most persuasive man. As I gave the subject more thought I realized that persuasion and influence can be just the opposite of power. If you are loaded with power, why bother to persuade?
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Get The Right Stink To Increase SALES And Delight Customers

When we have the results of all our surveys, tests, and KPI's, we still must be prepared to innovate beyond them.